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Aqua Baan offers boats adapted to all needs. Manufactured in fiberglass, the design can be customized according to requirements (number of passengers, maneuvering area, reinforcements, rowlock, ...).
The engines are sold separately to meet any demand.

Standard models:

  • C04110: 3.2m long, capacity of 4 people

  • C04120: 5.2m long, capacity of 10 people

  • C04130: 9m long, capacity of 15 people

Milieux de culture

Thanks to large and robust baskets, harvesting time can be significantly reduced.
For weighing operations, the use of small plastic baskets is practical to stay organized and rigorous. Our baskets are stackable to optimize storage space.

Suggested references:

  • S02010: 30 litres capacity

  • S02020: 50 litre capacity

  • S02030: 65 litres capacity

  • S02040: 75 litres capacity

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