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With the online solution AquaBaan.Farm, we offer a complete production management tool for fish farms.

Multi Espèces
  • Multi Species
    Multiple species of fish can be set up in software.

Suivi quotidien
  • Daily follow-up
    Feeding is simplified with daily recommendations according to species and weather conditions. Feed stock management gives an up to date overview with remaining quantities and expiry dates.

Suivi des performances
  • Performance monitoring
    Stock, growth and FCR indicators are automatically calculated from feeding, mortality and sampling size information. This allows you to track performances of your farm at multilevel, from global view down to details per cycle, per cage, per specie.

  • Forecasts
    The tool also makes it possible to better anticipate farm income by establishing sales forecasts over several months. Based on target weights (500g fish for example), the solution provides the quantities per week that can be sold.

  • Customization
    All the settings can be customized to fit the needs of each farm.  It is possible to choose which information is accessible and modifiable by your employees.

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